Piano Recording

While there are numerous tried and tested methods for capturing exquisite piano sounds, it’s worth considering alternative approaches that may perfectly complement specific tracks. Unfortunately, time constraints often hinder the luxury of experimentation, leading us to rely on reliable techniques for quick and guaranteed results.

Yet, taking a step back to contemplate different approaches can provide an invaluable well of variety to draw from when the situation calls for it. Recently, during a captivating piano recording workshop with community member Danny T, we witnessed the astounding transformation of the same piano and player (the amazing Amelia Lawn) through the application of diverse techniques with some incredible microphones from the lovely people at DPA. Each approach yielded impressive results, but it was apparent that certain methods were better suited to particular tracks. Thus, having a repertoire of techniques at your fingertips, ready for swift implementation and predictable outcomes, is truly advantageous.

Amelia, a skilled studio assistant engineer and an immensely talented musician also assisted in the setup process and treated us to captivating improvised piano performances, allowing us to compare and document the microphone setups showcased in the video.

Our hope is that this video demonstrates an alternative recording style that proves invaluable in suitable sessions. Furthermore, we aspire to inspire others to embark on their own sonic adventures and push the boundaries of piano recording. If you possess an intriguing piano recording technique and wish to participate, kindly reach out to us. We would be thrilled to visit your studio and exchange insights.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Mike Banks, and recordproduction.com, Amelia Lawn for her invaluable contributions, and Danny Trachtenberg for graciously dedicating time to make this feature possible. 

Go check the full video here.

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