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DJ / Electronic Musician

London born and internationally acclaimed DJ, Hooversound label co-founder and leader of a new generation of jungle, drum'n'bass and footwork heads.

Leon Vynehall


Leon Vynehall is a producer and DJ signed to Ninja Tune.

Fontaines D.C.


Since forming in 2014, Grammy-nominated Irish post-punk band Fontaines D.C. have taken the world by storm with their raw sound and poetic lyrics.

Mount Kimbie


Mount Kimbie need little introduction. After three critically acclaimed albums with Hotflush & Warp Records and countless world live tours, Kai & Dominic continue to release new and exciting music.



North London based producer affiliated with labels such as XL and Young Turks.


Artist / Producer / Engineer

Under the Quantic banner, Will Holland's endeavours as a songwriter, musician, producer and sound engineer run deep. From focused solo productions and intimate collaborations to expansive ensemble projects, his reputation is forged on how he engages with local scenes and cultures around the world.


DJ / Producer

Watching DJ BORING in action is the antithesis of his mundane pseudonym; vibrant, energising, fun and full of passion, Tristan Hallis puts his all into every set. Over the last few years he has ascended rapidly thanks to his dazzling displays, impeccable selection and high quality productions. The Australian selector takes great pride in his digging capabilities, constantly searching for lesser-known gems from years gone by, and pairing them up with more recent cuts that are equally exceptional.

Charlie Deakin-Davies

Artist / Producer / Songwriter

Charlie Deakin-Davies is a pop/indie record songwriter/producer and artist. They have just got their first UK #1 working on the album ‘Music Played By Humans’ by Gary Barlow. They are the winner of the PSN award for Breakthrough Studio Engineer as well as NMG’s Producer of the Year Award for the second year in a row.

Dan Parry

Mix Engineer

Dan Parry is a Grammy Award winning mix engineer. His credits include Adele, Wizkid, Rihanna and Loyle Carner to name a few.

Andreya Triana


Andreya Triana is an experimental, self taught singer songwriter and MOBO nominated artist hailing from South London. Drawing inspiration from her rich multicultural background, Triana's sound was grown from a foundation of soul, jazz and pop influences, with a voice that packs a smoky, husky powerhouse punch of female empowerment, individuality and self love.

Lancey Foux
Ezra Collective
Fiona Cruickshank


AIR Studios veteran for over 11 years, joining AIR Management in 2018. During this time she has worked with some incredible composers and artists including Dario Marianelli, Alberto Iglesias, and Jacob Collier and worked on productions such as Dark and Midsommar.

Hinako Omori

Producer / Instrumentalist

Hinako Omori is a musician and producer based in London, originally from Yokohama, Japan. For live/studio projects Hinako has most recently worked with EOB (Ed O’Brien), Georgia, Kae Tempest, James Bay and Sophie Hunger.

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