Ten87: Europe’s Largest Solar Powered Studio Complex

In an effort to embrace sustainability we are excited to share a recent milestone: the installation of a 30 kWp, 60 panel solar panel array at our Markfield Road complex in Tottenham. 

This transformative project was made possible through a generous grant from Haringey Council’s Carbon Community Fund. Their ambitious initiative reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, protecting our business from rising energy costs, and giving back to the incredible Haringey community that has supported us throughout the years.

This panel array is thought to be the largest of its kind used solely for a recording studio in Europe, possibly globally. 

Our Vision: Moving Toward Carbon Neutrality

Our primary goal with the solar panel installation is to take meaningful steps toward becoming carbon-neutral. While we celebrate this progress, we understand that there’s much more work to be done. Our vision extends beyond our studio doors, and over the next 5 years we will be making considered changes business wide in an attempt to move towards carbon neutrality. 

Supporting Our Community: In Gratitude

We are deeply grateful for the support of our community, and we’re dedicated to giving back. The savings generated from this solar power project will be reinvested into the Ten87 community and the broader Haringey area. This will be actioned via access to free studio time through partnerships with local youth/arts organisations, we hope to alleviate some of the challenges and barriers faced by those who may be experiencing economic hardship. 

Measuring Our Impact: The numbers

Over the next five years, our solar panels are expected to generate 50,000 kWh of clean energy. To put this in perspective, it’s equivalent to planting over 2,000 trees or powering 13 homes annually. Every kilowatt-hour generated is a testament to our collective commitment to a greener future.

Certified B Corp: A Start to Positive Change

As the first Certified B Corporation recording studio, we’re taking our newfound recognition with humility. Being a B Corp means holding ourselves to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. It’s a journey of continuous learning and growth, fuelled by our sincere respect for the values we uphold.

Our journey toward greener business is ongoing. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Haringey Council’s Carbon Community Fund for their support and vision. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our sustainability journey, where we’ll continue to share our progress.

Ten87 Studios isn’t just a recording studio; we are a community of artists, creators, and music lovers coming together. We hope to make a positive difference. We invite you to join us on this collective journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future—a journey guided by the belief that even the most humble steps can lead to profound change.

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