Day Hire: the club

A cutting-edge musical playground, featuring a vintage SSL E series console integrated with modern recall systems, ensuring compatibility with all DAWs and personal laptops. Complemented by industry-leading outboard gear and impeccable monitoring.


  • Mixing Desk
    • SSL 6032E
  • Interface
    • Antelope Galaxy 32
  • Monitoring
    • PMC 8-2 Pair
    • ATC SCM25A Pro mkII Pair
    • Yamaha NS10M Pair
    • Avantone MixCube
    • KH310 A 3-way Active Studio Monitor (upon request)
    • Rupert Neve Designs - RNHP
    • Audeze LCD-2 headphones
    • Audeze LCD-X
    • Hear Back OCTO system
  • Tech
    • Mac Pro
    • AVID HDX PCIe Card
    • Tangerine Automation System
  • Plugins
    • Protools HD
    • Celmony Melodyne Studio 5
    • Soundtoys 5.3
    • Waves Horizon
    • Native Instruments - Komplete
    • Output Bundle
    • iZotope
    • Valhalla Verb
    • Spitfire Bundle
    • FabFilter Bundle
    • Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle
    • Native Instruments – KOMPLETE Kontrol
    • Autotune Pro/Hybrid
  • Daw
    • Avid Pro Tools HDX
    • Logic Pro X


  • EQ
    • SSL 242 EQ (x24)
    • SSL 232 EQ (Pultec) (x6)
    • SSL 02 type EQ (x2)
    • Chandler EMI TG 12345 Curve Bender
  • Preamps
    • AMS Neve 1073OPX
    • Neve 1073DPX
    • SansAmp RBI : 1URackmount Bass Driver
    • Radial J48 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box (X4)
    • Radial ReAmp - studio reaper
    • Chandler Curve Bender EQ
    • Cloudlifter CL1 (x3)
  • Dynamics
    • Universal Audio LA2A
    • Universal Audio1176 (x2)
    • Empirical labs - Distressor, Brit mod (matched pair)
    • Thermionic culture - Culture Vulture
    • Tubetech LCA 2B
    • DBX 160a
  • Reverb & Delay
    • EMT 140 real 60's plate
    • Wem CopiCat
    • Strymon Big sky
    • Yamaha Analog Delay E1010
    • Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo


  • Tube Mics
    • Flea 47 Vintage Tube Microphone Set
    • Neumann U67 Large Diaphragm Tube
    • Neumann M49V
  • Condenser Mics
    • Neumann U87 Ai (x2)
    • AKG C414 EB (x2)
    • Neumann U47 FET
    • Neumann TLM 193
    • Aston Origin
    • Aston Spirit
    • Aston Starlight
    • Calrec CM1050C (x2)
  • Dynamic Mics
    • AKG D112 (x2)
    • AKG D12
    • Aston Stealth
    • Electro-Voice RE20
    • Sennheiser MD421 (x3)
    • Shure 515SD
    • Shure SM57 (x5)
    • Shure Beta 57A (x2)
    • Shure SM58 (x2)
    • Shure Beta 58A
    • Shure SM7B
    • Superlux ECO-88
  • Ribbon Mics
    • Coles 4038 - Matched Pair
    • Royer Labs R-121 (x2)


  • Fender Strat 1969 custom USA

    Fender Tele USA

    Fender Mustang Bass

    Taylor Big Baby Acoustic guitar

    Rhodes 73 MK 1

    Wurptzer 200A

    Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

    Mellotron m4000d

    Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

    Roland Juno 06

    Moog Grandmother Black

    Yamaha CS01

    Nord Stage 88 key

    Roland TR08

    Roland VP03

    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Epte Kit - 12", 15", 16", 24"

    14” Snare

    Zildjian K & A series

    Hang drum (D minor)

    Various percussion

Recent clients of the club include:
The Last Dinner Party, BBK, Tay Iwar, Venna, Jelani Blackman, Mount Kimbie, Ahadadream, Beverley Knight, TSHA, Pip Millett, Connie Constance, Tayc, Ash Walker, Pale Waves, Illa J, Red Bull, Warp, Ninja Tune, Dirty Hit, Warner Music, Universal Music and Sony Music
The Pixies
Lancey Foux
Jordan Rakei
Wolf Alice
Unknown T
AJ Tracey
Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes
Joel Culpepper
Ezra Collective
Ego Ella May
Pa Salieu
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch

charlieeeee (Artist & Producer)

"I’ve moved around a few of the studios over my time at Ten87 and there have always been new advantages and exciting elements to each studio! I’ve used the club both to record and to host events with a joint organisation the Trans+ Creative Collective. Ten87 have always been a massive advocate for the projects that I’ve been working on and the community is a huge support for me. I love being a resident at Ten87!"

Carlos O'Connell, Fontaines DC

“Since becoming a part of the Ten87 crew I’ve become the most productive I’ve ever been. The rooms are just perfect & the vibe is everything you could ask for. Thanks for making these spaces available to London music. You’ve created community x”

Fiona Cruickshanks (Engineer, Air Studios)

"It's so nice to feel like a part of a community again and be inspired by all the amazing people creating around us. Thanks so much to the team here for making it such a great place to be."

Hinako Omori (Producer & Musician)

"Ten87 is a beautiful studio complex with an incredible family of producers, artists, sound designers and engineers who never cease to inspire me - there really is a great community spirit here. I can't wax lyrical enough about the amazing team behind Ten87 - they really go above and beyond and I'm so grateful for their support."

Kai Campos, Mount Kimbie

"I've had a few studios at Ten87 and it's been my musical home for a number of years now. The strong community element is an important part of why I'm here."


Chris Davids, Maribou State / Shire T

"Ten87 was a great home for us with an incredibly warm and inclusive team working behind it. Packing up our studio felt like an end of an era and we’ll very much miss our time there."

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