Tottenham - High Cross

Our newest site comprises 10 production studios and features our most advanced acoustic design so far. The studios enjoy an abundance of natural light and are set away from the bustle of Markfield Road. The studios are populated by a tight-knit musical community featuring some of the UK’s most prominent sound designers, mix engineers and electronic artists. Featuring customised panelling, perfect reverb times and the ability to increase isolation via sliding exterior doors. Backline storage options make this an ideal choice for touring artists or larger organisations.

Tottenham - Markfield Road

Our flagship complex and the heart of our community in Tottenham. Featuring 31 long term-let studios of varying sizes and specifications. Onsite restaurant, cafe, bar and event-space offering the best coffee and food in the area. The various zones offer the perfect range of choice for a studio, whatever the genre, discipline or style of your music. The site has incubated some of the UK’s most exciting and progressive genres of recent times. With thousands of creators laying claim to visiting the studios on their creative journeys. The studios have become a landmark within the UK’s musical ecosystem.

Tottenham - Gaunson House

The birthplace of Ten87, housing 6 music studios acoustically and aesthetically refurbished in 2020. The space offers a range of different studio options, and is the perfect affordable environment for your audio creativity. The Gaunson House studios have played host to some of the largest names in music over the years, helping put Ten87 on the map. Set within a warehouse shared with other artists, labels and bands, the studios offer the perfect opportunity to grow your network and collaborate.