’23 – Session Highlights

It’s been a mad year for sessions here at the studios  

Our first full year of recording has been a whirlwind. With close to 170 sessions (and counting), we’ve been lucky enough to welcome some of the most exciting artists the UK has to offer . below we have complied some of our favourite moments. We hope you enjoy.

1. Jay O –  various tracks – (forthcoming) Engineered by Matt Hua & RZ2. AJ Tracey & Kwollem – Grandmas kitchen, Engineered by Sanjeev Shajan

3. Joel Culpepper – Happiness Is Only A Few Miles Away – (Live) with super band including Tom Misch. Engineered by Oliver Middleton

4. Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes – Dark Rainbow (various tracks). Engineered by Sanjeev Shajan & Matt Hua

5. Tsha – (live) Engineered by Joe Clegg and Sanjeev Shajan 

5. Nissi – ‘Higher’ from the album – Unboxed. Engineered by Jay Withers

6. Ash Walker –  Various tracks (forthcoming). Engineered by Sasha Marley

7. EJIJAH & JAMMZ – ‘Close The app’ album (vocals recorded in one day.) Engineered by Sanjeev Shajan

8.Superjazz Club – Live from London. Engineered by Sanjeev Shajan


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