The Bits


Prolific beatmaker, producer and mix engineer Kam Shariff AKA Yvngface narrows down 5 elements he can’t work without.

Ten87 Studios resident and heavyweight producer and sample creator Kam Shariff opens up about the tools and rituals he needs to get things done for the first addition of our series – The Bits.

Yvngface’s work has featured on tracks by the likes of Drake, DJ Khaled, J Hus, Vybz Kartel, Wiley, 2Chainz, Dizzee Rascal to name just a few and has been in resident at Ten87 since those early days in 2017 so we are over the moon to hear what makes him tick.

A treated room

“If Im doing any serious mixing or producing I need to be in a room I can trust. We spend lots of money on monitors, but often neglect the actual room. So acoustic panels, bass traps and ceiling clouds.”


“Related to the last point, but more subjective as taste comes into it. I work in 2 studios, the main one and my home set up so its important to have a degree of consistency. Im blessed to be using the amazing Focal SM9s at the main studio, they are an amazing 3 way speaker. At home I use the Focal Alpha 65 which has the same beryllium tweeter as the Sm9s, and I also have the Yamaha H5 with a sub for when I need to check the super low end. I don’t often mix or produce with the sub but it’s essential for checks.”


“I like to have a nice vibe when sitting down for a session, so oil diffusers, scented candles are always around. I used to use incense sticks, but Im not fond of smoke indoors, especially in the studio. Woody aromas like oud, cedarwood, amber etc. Im not loyal to one brand and honestly some of the Tesco versions of Jo Malone style scents are actually really good!”

UAD Plug-Ins

“Im a huge fan of UAD,plugins. Always using 1176s, 1073s, Distressors, Fairchilds, SSLs, Manlleys, Chandlers, Shadow Hills and Pultecs.”

Room Correction Software

“Lastly, to compliment the room treatment and really have faith in what you’re hearing, room correction software is essential to cross the Ts and dot the Is. In the main studio we have the legendary Trinnov outboard system. For my home studio Sonarworks does the job nicely.”

Massive shouts to Kam for talking us through what he needs to get to work, he’s busy in the studio still plugging away on new bits for Levi and an upcoming tape from HMD (Black Butter Records) which we’re looking forward to hearing into 2021.

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We Love Tottenham

Our home for 7 years and possibly the centre of the universe – Tottenham – or more specifically, Seven Sisters is in our opinion, banging.

We keep finding new places to eat, drink and walk and Tottenham’s been our best friend in lockdown 1, 2 and 3. Lets start by talking through a couple of spots we can’t go without that we’re fortunate to have on our doorstep.


FKA Craving Coffee, Craving is London’s newest, vibiest, warmest lit venue housed inside the Ten87 walls. Artisanal coffee and baked goods by day and ramen, beer and cocktails by night. It’s no secret why we love Craving.

Zen Records

Legendary record shop specialising in Dub, Reggae and Ska sat in the middle of Broad Lane. Worth travelling across London for and not to be missed if you’re in the area.


Broad Lane’s finest. Your Friday nights (and Saturday mornings) may not be the same after sampling the delights of Tottenham’s favourite Irish pub.

The Cause / Costa Del Tottenham

…And after Mannion’s if you want to dance off that Guinness belly we have north London’s early morning zone. Forthcoming sets from veterans Ray Keith and Ben Sims all the way to burgeoning local talent such as Giulia Tess and Eliza Rose.


Situated on the High Road, Chuku’s is the newest spot you need to check out and serving up it’s own unique brand of Nigerian tapas – say no more.

River Lea Canal / Markfield Park

Not technically a business but we have to sneak it in…sometimes if we’re lacking a bit of inspiration it can be found in the form of swans, riverboats or a sweet DIY skate park down at our favourite local green area, Markfield Park.

If we haven’t already sold N15 to you, be sure to drop by if you’re in the area.

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