Is There a Music Studio for Rent Near Me?

“Is there a music studio for rent near me?” This is the question that has brought you here. The big question is, where are you? If you are in London, particularly North London, you are in luck, as we definitely have some music studios near you for rent. 

Long-term or day hire?

How long do you need to hire a studio for? Do you only need it for the day? Or are you looking for a studio space you can settle into for months so you can work on an important musical project? Whichever it is you are looking for, Ten87 Studios has both. 

Day hire

If you only need something short-term, perhaps to rehearse or work through some new ideas, the day hire studio could be just what you are looking for. A high-end tracking facility now stands on what used to be a legendary underground venue. The live room has superb acoustics, high ceilings, multiple instruments, and enough space to fit a 10-piece ensemble. 

Then there is the control room containing an SSL6032E with 232 (Pulteg) EQ, flying faders, and total recall. Combine this with the Genelec custom monitoring and outboard and backline gear, and you have one of the best audio production systems available. 

Long-term hire

Ten87 has three long-term studio locations, each containing multiple studio spaces you can hire for anything from three months up to two years.

High Cross

If long-term hire is what you are after, you are sure to find what you are looking for at High Cross. It is not just one studio but ten and has a superb acoustic design. Set back from the busy Markfield Road, it had plenty of natural light. Some of Britain’s best sound engineers and electronic musicians spend their time here as part of its tight-knit music community. The reverb times are perfect, with customised panelling, and you can even increase the isolation with sliding doors. And if you are a large organisation or a touring band, backing storage options are also available. 

Markfield Road

If you thought our High Cross location was impressive with its ten studios, check out Markfield Road. It has 31 long-term let studio spaces of different specifications and sizes and even has its own restaurant, bar, cafe, and event space. There is a rumour that it has the best food and coffee in the area. This is ideal because even musical geniuses need to refuel. 

Many creators have visited the Markfield Road studios as part of their musical journeys. Is that due to the fabulous refreshments? Or is it the wide range of studio spaces available? We will let you be the judge of that. 

Gaunson House

This is where it all began. But that doesn’t mean Gaunson House is outdated and irrelevant, as it was refurbished in 2020. Set within a warehouse shared with other people in the music business, it is the ideal place to progress your music journey and find collaborators. 

So, there you go. You came here after searching for “is there a music studio for rent near me?” If you are in the Tottenham area of North London, it turns out there is. And not just one, but multiple studios. So, whether you are looking for day hire or long-term hire, Ten87 Studios has a music studio for you.

At Ten87 Studios we offer long term studio hire and day hire music studios. Each recording studio is acoustically treated and sound proofed to optimise any type of audio recording and music production. We are home to a large community of musicians, producers, engineers and audio professionals working in the music industry. Our main day hire studio is a world class tracking facility equipped with the best in recording studio gear, instruments, outboard and backline. We’re based in Seven Sisters, Tottenham with easy transport links to the city centre – ideal for anyone looking for a London recording studio.

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