Day Hire: studio b

An intimate space for writing sessions, offering the ultimate vocal signal chain and a diverse array of instruments including a Juno 106, Rhodes mk1 and Yamaha U3 Piano. Designed with our signature aesthetic.


For creators looking to join the Ten87 community, without the long-term commitment. Providing regular access to our high-end studios readily equipped with premium gear, as well as full community perks and discounts, including downtime access to the club.

Long Term: Gaunson House (Tottenham)

The first Ten87, 6 premium full time music studios that put us on the map. Available for long-term hire.

Long Term: Markfield Road (Tottenham)

Our flagship studio complex. Over 30 high spec long term studios, on- site listening bar/restaurant. Home to our unique day hire studios.

Day Hire: the club

A cutting-edge musical playground, featuring a vintage SSL E series console integrated with modern recall systems, ensuring compatibility with all DAWs and personal laptops. Complemented by industry-leading outboard gear and impeccable monitoring.

Long Term: High Cross (Tottenham)

10 production studios featuring our most advanced acoustic design so far. Available for long-term hire.

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