Monitor Shakedown

We take a look at some of the most popular monitors here at Ten87 Studios.

We hear a lot of water-cooler chat between mix-engineers, sound designers and producers swearing by a certain make or model of monitor. With a sea of choice available out there we’ve decided to put a little list together of the 3 most popular boxes used at Ten 87 towers (and one wildcard)…

Neumann KH 310

Maybe the most popular monitor currently in our studios, they feature an active three-way tri-amplified design and deliver healthy weight and precision in equal measure. The KH series and particularly the 310’s are powerful and by no means an entry level speaker, which is reflected in their price. German engineering for the ears!

A favourite of producer and mix engineer alike, notable users of the KH 310 at Ten87 are Lewis James, Fiona Cruickshank, Adam Miller, Joe, Ahadadream, Mickey Pearce, Alex Evans, SBTRKT, Tom Clements and the speaker of choice for Ten87 HQ.

Amphion One 18

This iconic white and black monitor is extremely popular here at the studios. These speakers offer a super wide sweet spot and pinpoint-accurate imaged sound. They play the music without prejudice, with a super flat response – what you hear is what you get.

Our High Cross complex residents Alex Loring and Tom Andrews boast a dual (!) Amphion set-up and have this to say about it – “The detail in the mid range and stereo imaging make for mix choices that feel instinctual and inspired. Problems are easy to pinpoint and rectify, with translation that is practically guaranteed”….”I love the depth of field you get the most. They cover the mid – range detail with the same translation as an NS10, at the same time as being vibey enough to work on for hours without getting tired”.

There’s your sparkling review if you were ever looking for one.


We’re in scary horizontal 3 way dual woofer territory with the A77X’s.

The A77X’s are on the weightier side of the monitoring scale due to their 4 chunky 7” woofers – these are still a crisp favourite and are a bit more friendly on the bank account. The 77X’s are used in our studios by producers such as Jerome Williams, Aubrey Whitfield and Flux Pavilion (although Flux has the S3H’s in his studio).

The little sibling to the A77X the A7X you can find in the studios of Markfield Road’s very own Hinako Omori and fellow key wizards Sounds Like These and Hakan Ozkan.

TPI Type. RN1

Looking for a wildcard choice? Enter stage left: TPI. Designed and manufactured in the UK by a dedicated team obsessed with quality. The advanced aerospace-grade composite construction renders unwanted cabinet resonances inert.

Phase-Beating crossover technology and custom made reference-quality drive units, are hand matched and paired to remove any possibility of discrepancy. These speakers are trusted by the best engineers, artists and producers in the game including our own mixing wizard Alex Evans – within their price bracket these are some of the best out there.

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