What is an Audio Recording Studio?

An audio recording studio is, like the name suggests, a place where audio is recorded. However, it is not just used for recording but for the whole process of audio production, including mixing.

What equipment does an audio recording studio contain?

A modern recording studio contains all the necessary equipment to record and mix audio to professional quality. Such as:

  • Computer running Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software – used for sequencing electronic music and editing and processing recorded audio.
  • Microphones and Stands – these are necessary for recording vocals and various instruments.
  • Mixing Board – once the audio is recorded, it needs to be properly mixed. If the DAW software has its own built-in mixing abilities, a hardware mixing console might not be essential, but most studios have them.
  • Sound Baffles – to neutralise or “deaden” the room to reduce any unwanted acoustic effects.
  • Headphones and Speakers – to be able to hear the audio accurately.
  • Instruments – these will range from traditional instruments such as guitars and drums to electronic instruments such as synthesisers and samplers. 

Who would use an audio recording studio?

A recording studio would be used by anyone wanting to produce a professional sound. This will include singers, musicians, and bands. The benefit of using a professional studio is that you will get the help of an experienced engineer and producer to get the best recording possible.

What jobs are there in audio recording studios?

An audio recording studio is not just a place where musicians and bands get to record their music. It’s also a workplace for some essential members of staff. For example:

  • Record Producer – this is the project’s overall creative and technical leader. They work directly with the artist and engineer and make creative and aesthetic decisions to achieve the goals of the artist and the record company.
  • Recording Engineer – this person is responsible for setting up and operating the recording equipment. They are experts in everything to do with audio and play a vital role in audio recording.
  • Assistant Engineer – works closely with the Recording Engineers and Producers while recording the audio. They will be under the direction of more senior, experienced engineers. 
  • Mastering Engineer – once the recording process has been completed and the audio has been fully mixed, the mastering engineer makes final adjustments to the mixed audio. This involves optimising it for playback on a wide variety of equipment. 
  • Studio Technician – this person will help with any practical aspects of the recording process. They will operate and maintain microphones and headsets in the recording booths, operate mixing consoles, advise singers on the use of their voice, and edit recordings.
  • Studio Manager – this role involves overseeing the daily operations of the recording studio. This can include studio and equipment maintenance, business operations, and customer relations. 
  • Bookings Manager – anyone who wants to use the recording studio needs to book time in it. It is the booking manager’s responsibility to handle all session bookings. It is a customer-facing role that involves fielding inquiries via email and phone, discussing studio availability, and coordinating studio visits with new clients.
  • Runner – this is a junior position involving helping with anything else around the studio. That can include answering the phone, helping set up the studio, cleaning, and troubleshooting any issues with the sound equipment. 
  • Receptionist – there always needs to be somebody to welcome people, whether in person or as a first point of contact for phone calls.
  • Cleaner – this one is self-explanatory. You don’t want the studio to get dirty. 

So, there you have it. That’s essentially what an audio recording studio is.

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