Why Invest In A Ten87 Music Studio Long Term Let?

As our in-house music experts have proven time and again, a quality long term music studio let in London is a fantastic investment for your long term career. Once you have developed your individual sound as a professional musician, a studio is the next exciting step forward. Much like going to the office everyday,  having a long term commitment to practicing and recording music in a professional studio, creates a great environment to help set deadlines and be efficient with creating a polished final finished product. The routine aspect of having a studio to attend long term, nurtures artists and helps them to progress to the next level. 

At Ten 87, we offer a world-class recording studio community with high-end equipment that is open to all. Our substantial architecturally designed studio complex is currently based in Seven Sisters, North East London. Access to Seven Sisters is available 24/7 via a flexible two-month sharable contract with electronic entry systems, allocated parking spaces and CCTV. We are also excited to share that we will be opening a further complex soon in Brixton, South West London. 

A Quality Shared Music Expertise 

Our studio space is all about creating a reciprocal collaborative community, with partners including industry-leading cultural organisations and brands such as iZotope, NTS and Spitfire Audio. Currently, we are home to over 150 recording artists and three types of long term studios (A, B or C). You provide the equipment, we provide everything else – including Wi-Fi, post sorting, a kitchenette, business rates and even on-site shower facilities. Nearby, you can also enjoy the excellent artisanal coffee shop FKA Craving Coffee on top of the legendary Zen records just around the corner. 

Over previous years, technological advances in music tech have taken great steps forward. A high fidelity sound needs to resonate through an acoustically treated and soundproof space in order to limit sound fluctuations and ensure that your end product is crisp. So when it comes to creating exciting new sound interactions, it is all about the finer details. With a long term music studio let, you can enjoy our most advanced acoustic design to date. This is exactly why our studios feature custom panelling, perfect reverb times and exterior sliding doors to increase isolation. 

By using our professional recording studios, you will naturally grow in your expertise as you learn to refine and hone in your sound practice whether that is sound design, mixing and mastering, songwriting, producing or being an artist. We also specifically allocate rooms based on shared interests for you where possible. So you will greatly benefit from our wider community too, as you will be working alongside internationally known producers, sound technicians and songwriters from a multitude of genres. 

Surrounding yourself with trained professionals at the top of their game is the perfect way to learn and share. Our Air Studios Engineer Fiona Cruickshanks discovered this for herself. “It’s so nice to feel like part of a community again and be inspired by all the amazing people creating around us,” she said. “With Ten87, you can get your sound spot on each and every time without hesitation.” Contact us now to discuss the different music studio long term let London package options currently available to you today. 

At Ten87 Studios we offer long term studio hire and day hire music studios. Each recording studio is acoustically treated and sound proofed to optimise any type of audio recording and music production. We are home to a large community of musicians, producers, engineers and audio professionals working in the music industry. Our main day hire studio is a world class tracking facility equipped with the best in recording studio gear, instruments, outboard and backline. We’re based in Seven Sisters, Tottenham with easy transport links to the city centre – ideal for anyone looking for a London recording studio.

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