Why Ten87 is an amazing London studio option for your project

Why Ten87 is an amazing London studio option for your project. If you’re a musician looking for a high-quality recording studio in London, look no further than Ten87. Here’s why Ten87 is the best choice for recording your next project.

A collaborative community of over 150 recording artists

At Ten87, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best recording artists in London. This supportive community will help you push your creativity to new heights and encourage production of your best work.

Some recent artists that have used our studios include Professor Green, Beverley Knight, Goldie, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, BBK, The Pixies, and Niella. With these clients using our facilities, you can be sure that Ten87 is one of the best and most exciting recording studios in London.

Advanced studio acoustic design

World-renowned acoustic experts design Ten87’s studios to provide the perfect environment for recording. You’ll be able to focus on your performance and get results that sound better than ever before.

Ten87’s day hire studio, The Club, has everything you need for a successful recording session, including:

  • Precise acoustics
  • An SSL 6k E series
  • Outboard from Neve, Chandler EMI, Universal Audio, and EMT
  • Monitoring via a pair of ATC SCM45’s and Yamaha NS10’s
  • Several guitars, including a Fender Strat 1969 custom USA, Fender Tele USA, an acoustic guitar, and a Fender Precision Bass
  • A Yamaha C3 Grand Piano and a Rhodes 73 MK 1

KOMPLETE Kontrol virtual system that includes 14 synthesisers, 30 sampled instruments, A selection of full drum kits, and 16 different sound effects

This is just a sampling of The Club’s equipment and features. When you book a session at Ten87, you’ll have access to all this and more. You can also bring your own instruments, with space for a 10-piece ensemble.

Over 40 recording studios across 3 locations in Tottenham

With 47 studios spread out across 3 locations in Tottenham, Ten87 has you covered . There’s sure to be a studio that’s perfect for your needs.

Gaunson House was our very first studio and is still one of our most popular. There are 6 music studios, which were all recently updated to improve the appearance and acoustics.

Markfield Road is our flagship recording location, and there are 31 long-term let studios here. This is the perfect place to record your next album or EP, as you’ll have access to all of the best facilities in an environment conducive to creativity.

High Cross is the newest addition to the Ten87 family, and it is located in a quieter area with lots of backstage storage. This makes it perfect for rehearsals, as well as recordings.

Long-term and day-hire options

Need a studio for an extended period?  Ten87 offers long-term hire options at competitive rates. Alternatively, if you need a studio for a day or two, we also have day-hire options.

Has connections and partnerships that can help you in your career

As one of the leading recording studios in London, Ten87 has connections with London based management contacts, labels and venues. These connections can help you further your career and take things to the next level. 


There are many reasons to choose Ten87 as your recording studio in London, but these five reasons should be enough to convince you that we’re a fantastic choice. If you’re looking for a supportive community of musicians, advanced studio design, convenient locations, flexible hire options, and industry connections, look no further than Ten87.

At Ten87 Studios we offer long term studio hire and day hire music studios. Each recording studio is acoustically treated and sound proofed to optimise any type of audio recording and music production. We are home to a large community of musicians, producers, engineers and audio professionals working in the music industry. Our main day hire studio is a world class tracking facility equipped with the best in recording studio gear, instruments, outboard and backline. We’re based in Seven Sisters, Tottenham with easy transport links to the city centre – ideal for anyone looking for a London recording studio.

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